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The novel 'The White Tiger' which won the Man Booker Prize, 2008 is authored by
(a)Arundhati Roy
(b)Aravind Adiga
(c)Kiran Desai
(d)VS Naipaul
Answer is: BNA


The book 'The Audacity of Hope' has been written by
(a)Nayantara Sehgal
(b)Aravind Adiga
(c)Vikram Seth
(d)Barack Obama
Answer is: DNA


Which of the following books is written by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam?
1. Ignited Minds
2. Wings of Fire
3. The Luminous Sparks
(a)only 1
(b)only 2
(c)2 and 3
(d)All of these
Answer is: DNA


'Neel Darpan' is a play based on the story Indigo Rebellion of Bengal of 1860-61. Who authored it?
(a)Dinabandhu Mitra
(b)Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya
(c)Sisir Kumar Ghosh and Motilal Ghosh jointly
(d)Madhusudan Dutta
Answer is: ANA


Which of the following books has been written by Kamala Das?
(a)Witness the Night
(b)The Red Devil
(c)Earth and Ashes
(d)Tonight This Savage Rite
Answer is: DNA


'24 Brand Mantras' is a book written by
(a)Bimal Chowadhary
(b)Shiv Khera
(c)Arindam R Chowdhary
(d)Jagdeep Kapoor
Answer is: DNA


'The Shade of Swords' is a book written by
(a)MJ Akbar
(b)Manil Suri
(c)Urmila Lanba
(d)Vasant Potdar
Answer is: ANA


Who is the author of 'Adhe-Adhure'?
(a)Mohan Rakesh
(b)Prem Chand
Answer is: ANA


Who amongst the following is the author of the book 'Dreams from My Father : A Story of Race and Inheritance'?
(a)Barack Obama
(b)John Evans Aatta Mills
(c)Nelson Mandela
(d)Danny Boyle
Answer is: ANA


'Travelling Through Conflict' is a book written by
(a)Hamid Ansari
(b)Cherie Blair
(c)Balraj Krishna
(d)Salman Rushdie
Answer is: ANA

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