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Parsec is the unit of
(c)Intensity of light
(d)Magnetic flux
Answer is: AExplanation not available for this question.


Which pair is wrong ?
(a)Pressure - Barometer
(b)Relative density - Pyrometer
(c)Temperature - Thermometer
(d)Earthquake - Seismograph
Answer is: BA hydrometer is an instrument used to measure the relative density.
A pyrometer is a type of thermometer used to measure high temperatures.


Which of the following pairs of physical quantities has the same dimensions ?
(a)Work and Power
(b)Momentum and energy
(c)Force and Power
(d)Work and Energy
Answer is: BNA


Maxwell is the unit of
(b)Magnetic flux
(c)Magnetic susceptibility
(d)Intensity of magnetization
Answer is: BNA


Which of the following physical quantity is dimensionless ?
(c)Specific gravity
(d)All of these
Answer is: DNA


Potential is measured in
Answer is: CNA


Which of the following is not matched ?
(a)Decibel - Unit of sound
(b)Horse power - Unit of power
(c)Nautical mile - Unit of distance
(d)Celsius - Unit of heat
Answer is: DNA


The most suitable unit for expressing nuclear radius is ?
Answer is: CNA


Which of the following is not the unit of time ?
(a)Micro second
(b)Parallactic second
(c)Leap year
(d)Solar day
Answer is: BNA


Which of the following physical quantities have the same dimensions ?
(a)Momentum and Impulse
(b)Force constant and Moment of inertia
(c)Energy and Angular momentum
(d)Power and Young's modulus
Answer is: ANA

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