Do's and Don'ts of GD

Dos of participating in a GD:

1. Listen to the subject carefully
2. Speak clearly
3. Be polite at the same time be assertive
4. Initiate the discussion if you know the subject well
5. Listen to others if you don’t know the subject
6. Put down your thoughts on a paper
7. Be logical in your discussion
8. Keep it concise
9. Support you point with some facts and figures
10. Make short contribution of 25-30 seconds 3-4 times
11. Give others a chance to speak
12. Speak politely and pleasantly. Respect contribution from other members.
13. Disagree politely and agree with what is right.
14. Be cordial to others
15. Sit straight and show positive body language
16. Encourage others to speak
17. Give credit to others
18. Listen to what others say and take notes if required
19. Be a leader. Start the topic and try to conclude it in the end

Don’ts of participating in a GD

1. Don’t initiate the discussion if you do not have sufficient knowledge about the given topic.
2. Don’t over speak, intervene and snatch other’s chance to speak.
3. Don’t talk irrelevant things and distract the discussion
4. Don’t pose negative body gestures like touching the nose, leaning back on the chair, knocking the table with a pen etc.
5. Don’t mention erratic statistics.
6. Don’t display low self confidence with shaky voice and trembling hands.
7. Don’t try to dominate the discussion
8. Don’t put others in an embarrassing situation by asking them to speak if they don’t want.
9. Don’t speak at all. This is the worst crime you can commit in a GD
10. Don’t interrupt when others speak
11. Don’t look at the moderators (interviewers) when you speak
12. Don’t criticise other members or your college/professors or other companies
13. Don’t swear
14. Don’t be shy
15. Don’t get emotional or nervous or angry if you get criticised
16. Don’t ask questions or tips to the interviewers


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