What changes would you make if you came on board?


First of all i would like to say that i would not change anything but i would add something additional to the ongoing work/plan/environment with my experience and skills.

Mukesh On 30.04.2015. 14:44

In every type of company basic things are.
Customers satisfaction.
Employers satisfaction.
Benefit to the company.
If those criteria is satisfied and changing according to that than I will go for changing.

Jitesh On 30.04.2015. 14:44

Sir may be there are so many experienced persons in board. May be they know something better than me. So I respect their ideas. There is much difference between changing and updating. Where changing results good outcome with bad. And where as updating results more productivity and innovative thoughts. So I will update the process If I came on board.

Veeru On 30.04.2015. 14:43

First of all I understand the company goals and environment, if there is any changes needed than I will change by taking suggestions from the respected experienced person for effective results. Apart from that if no changes needed than I will give my best to the company as a board member.

Sudhir On 30.04.2015. 14:43

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