Why did you resign from your previous job?


My salary is the only reason to change the job because it is very tough to survive in 20k in Mumbai. So Now i will live in economical city with higher salary.

Jignesh Patel On 31.05.2016. 23:17

I am very thankful to my previous company I learned many things from company as fresher, but I am looking for better opportunity for accepting more challenging work and learn a new things which can help me to gain the experience.

Bahubali On 30.04.2015. 13:50

First of all I will say thanks to my company, where I learned a lot such as how to manage things, coordination in the team, good professionalism. But always a time come when we feel that now we are stagnant, the reason is our comfort zone. So we need to take decision to come out this zone and accept new challenges and develop new skills to grab opportunity for career growth.

pawan On 30.04.2015. 13:46

Well my previous organization is a small scale organization where I have learn alot like work under pressure with confidence, Team work data maintenance and so on. But I am looking for better career opportunity with new challenging working environment. Where I would enhance my professional as well as personal growth by associating with a prestigious organization like.

Saroj On 30.04.2015. 13:45

Hi, myself Ravindra.

First of all I would like to thank my previous company where I learnt many things like how to do work under pressure, how to work with team, how to manage customer or client and coordinate with the other department, work dedication, time management, to be punctual, professionalism and all that. But now I want to improve myself more that's why I am looking for an better opportunity.

Ravindra On 30.04.2015. 13:44

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