Why have you had so many jobs?


Im an enthusiast. A passionate individual. My quench for knowledge is never satiated. I am a keen learner and the best way to learn is to experience. I have experienced a lot and learnt a lot. This has made me learn about my own self and thats something that Im grateful for. Thus the job changes were a means to find what I want to do and now that the path is clear Im sitting here in front of you.

Gautam Jigar On 08.06.2016. 00:12

When we want to reach at the roof of our home then we use stairs. Because we know this is the only way to reach safely. If we stand in point then how we will reach the roof. That's why I did this and I am proud to say this that I had so many jobs because through this I learnt so many things.

Jyoti On 30.04.2015. 14:00

Though I have changed lot of jobs but due to this I have learn different set of skills. And these skills help me a lot in dealing with different kinds of children and people. It show negativity on my part but my skills and learning ability have increased.

Raheema On 30.04.2015. 13:59

When I passed out there was recession in job market and I was not getting my preferred job and my family responsibility was not allowing me to wait for the good opportunity.

Therefore to assist financially to family I worked with 3 company in 2 years.

But now I have found the opportunity in your company to associate which is my field of choice.

Jagdeesh Gupta On 30.04.2015. 13:59

I don't see them as many jobs. I see them as many steps that I have climbed up and standing potentially capable in front of you with all those stepping experiences.

sabbu On 30.04.2015. 13:58

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