What are your goals?


My short term goal is to get into a reputed company like yours and my long term goal is to excel and work my level best in your company to achieve a good position in your company.

rajendra tiwari On 29.04.2015. 14:06

My present short term goal is to capture this job, and my long term goal includes elevating to a reputed position in this organisation where my skills are being used in a way to benefit to this firm.

firos On 29.04.2015. 14:05

My short term Goal is to get the job in the reputed company where I can get the good respect, good environment, good salary, so that I can concentrate on my long term goal.

My long term goal is to make the hold on pride, greed, anger, malice, sacrifice, Humanity, Endurance, satisfaction, Peace, Senses, Charm, religion, Justice etc. So, any success will be in my favour.

Sandeep On 29.04.2015. 14:05

My current goal is to get this job and too improve my skill and get a experience of a job. My long term goal is to become a successful businesswoman.

Priyanka On 29.04.2015. 13:42

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