What is your Strengths and Weaknesses?


I think this is the skills of a person too much talking is a weakness but by which you can win the trust of the people and you can easily adept in any new environment so this is all about the skills of a person.

Arun Deshmukh On 26.05.2016. 00:30

Strength : I am very honest & punctual. I have talent to handle the situation accordingly. I'm little bit daring & straight forward. I am self motivated & coordination power. I am very sincere for my tasks & I believe in hard working.

Weakness : I am little bit emotional.

Priya On 27.04.2015. 15:00

Strength :

I am good learner and I will try to adopt a new technology and ready to face by changes then faced by an any problems. I am a flexible any wok environment, good positive thinking power, hard work and self motivated, honesty optimistic, adaptability.

Weaknesses :

Straight forward person when I enter my work I am not satisfied until finished my work.

Jai reddy On 27.04.2015. 14:59

My strengths : I am a self-motivated, punctual, easy to adapt the environment and not easily give Up! I am Willing to face new challenges and I always maintain my positive attitude.

My weaknesses : I will never say no specially to the people who need my help. And I am a little bit shy, but once I know you exactly I am very open person.

Kuldeep On 27.04.2015. 14:58

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