Why should I hire you?


Its a good question. I am fresher. I have no experience. But I want to start my work with one of the organization and I think every person should deserve one chance to prove themselves. And I am also waiting for that chance. If you give me a chance then I will put all my efforts for the growth of an organization.

Khatim khan On 12.04.2016. 01:38

I can't answer your questions in words but I can prove it in my performance, as a fresher I am energetic, enthusiastic and interested in hard working so you can put me in any domain.

James On 27.04.2015. 14:06

Sir, I am fresher I have no job experience this is good opportunity I can prove my knowledge and I improve my skills in our organisation.

Khusabu On 27.04.2015. 14:05

I think I am hard working person I need a good platform to prove myself with my skills and efforts & I think your company is one of that. As I am fresher you can mold me in any direction to get the desire output.

riya On 27.04.2015. 14:05

As I am fresher this is the right time to start my career in a good reputed companies, I think this is the platform to put my maximum efforts and apply my knowledge and skills to the challenging work assigned to me.

Thank you.

vivek On 27.04.2015. 14:04

I am a fresher and honestly speaking I have no experience about industrial work but sir I am sure if you give me a opportunity than I will give my level best.

Rahul On 27.04.2015. 14:02

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