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Section - 1
Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any will be one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is No Error the answer is (5). (ignore errors of punctuation if any)


He have started making a note of his appointments as I he tends to forget them.
(a)He have started
(b)making a note of
(c)his appointments as
(d)I he tends to forget them
Answer is: A


Ajay was adamant on finishing the work before leaving by the day
(a)Ajay was adamant
(b)on finishing the
(c)work before leaving
(d)by the day
Answer is: D


His teacher was pleasantly surprised when she learned that despite the all problems he participated.
(a)His teacher was pleasantly
(b)surprised when she learned
(c)that despite the all problems
(d)he participated
Answer is: C


His brother is not only a good guitarist but also a good singer.
(a)His brother is
(b)not only a good
(c)guitarist but also
(d)No Error
Answer is: D


The priest then request all the wealthy men to donate atleast some money for building a new temple.
(a)The priest then request
(b)all the wealthy men to
(c)donate atleast some money
(d)for building a new temple
Answer is: A


Equal opportunities for advancement across the length and breadth of an organisation will keep many problems away.
(a)Equal opportunities for advancement
(b)across the length and breadth
(c)of an organisation will
(d)No Error
Answer is: D


Reshma was a daily wage worker who gone to work despite having high lever.
(a)Reshma was
(b)a daily wage worker
(c)who gone to work
(d)despite having high lever
Answer is: C


Radhika was very upset because she had to goes to a boarding school so she cried the entire night.
(a)Radhika was very upset
(b)because she had to goes
(c)to a boarding school
(d)so she cried the entire night
Answer is: B


Although Shanku was born in a rich merchant's families he was very humble and was a philanthropist by nature.
(a)Although Shanku was born
(b)in a rich merchant's families
(c)he was very humble and
(d)was a philanthropist by nature
Answer is: B


Professor Shastri were a loved man and had students visiting him every day.
(a)Professor Shastri were
(b)a loved man and
(c)had students visiting
(d)him every day
Answer is: A


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