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Internal energy of gas (ideal) depends only on
(d)temperature and pressure
Answer is: BNA


Dry ice is used for making cold-baths in laboratories by mixing with volatile organic solvents. Indentify the form of dry ice from the following
(a)Gaseous carbon dioxide
(b)Liquid carbon dioxide
(c)Solid carbon dioxide
(d)Solid hydrogen oxide
Answer is: CNA


As which one of the following, does carbon occur in its purest form in nature?
(c)Carbon black
Answer is: CNA


At absolute zero, which one of the following is zero for a gas?
(a)Potential energy
(b)Kinetic energy
(c)Vibration energy
(d)None of the above
Answer is: BNA


Why do two ice blocks join to from one block when pressed together?
(a)Melting point of ice is lowered with increase in pressure
(b)Melting point of ice increased with increase in pressure
(c)Melting point of ice remains unchanged with increase in pressure
(d)Melting point of ice is 0°C
Answer is: ANA


What is the term used to denote the critical temperature at which the air becomes saturated with vapour and below which the condensation is likely to begin?
(a)Condensation point
(b)Evaporation point
(c)Dew point
(d)Point of critical temperature
Answer is: CNA


According to which one of the following laws it is indicated that when two or more gases react with one another, their volumes bear a simple ratio?
(a)Law of mass action
(b)Law of multiple proportions
(c)Law of reciprocal proportions
(d)Law of combining volumes
Answer is: DNA


In winter season specially in cold countries, ethylene glycol is added to water in the radiators of cars. It results in
(a)reducing the viscosity of water
(b)lowering the freezing point of water
(c)lowering the boiling point of water
(d)reducing the specific heat of water
Answer is: BNA


Which one of the following elements exists in liquid state at room temperature?
(a) Mercury
Answer is: ANA


The mass of water vapour per unit volume of air is known as
(a)relative humidity
(b)specific humidity
(c)absolute humidity
(d)variable humidity
Answer is: CNA

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