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Which one among the following is the fastest Indian supercomputer recently developed by ISRO?
Answer is: BNA


Which one of the following person has produced the first portable computer?
(a)Ramsay Adobe
(b)Bharat Dham
(c)Daniel Ritchie
(d)Adam Osborne
Answer is: DNA


Which type of computer could be found in a digital watch?
(b)Super computer
(c)Notebook computer
(d)Embedded computer
Answer is: DNA


Which one of the following countries has developed the Tianhe-1A, one of the world’s fastest supercomputer?
(b)South Korea
(d)Chinese Taipei
Answer is: CNA


Who is internationally recognized as a father of the modern digital computer?
(a)George Stibitz
(b)Clifford Berry
(c)Nikolay Brusentsov
(d)Claude Ramsay
Answer is: ANA


Who is the father of computer science?
(a)Alan Turing
(b)Adam Osborne
(c)John Moore
(d)Neal Stephenson
Answer is: ANA


Who has created the high-level programming language for the first time for computer?
(a)Konrad Lorenz
(b)Konrad Zuse
(c)Mario Johnson
(d)Henry Gladstone
Answer is: BNA


Which one of the following has developed the C-language for the computer for the first time?
(a)Gertrude Tierney
(b)Howard Bloomberg
(c)Dennis Ritchie
(d)Vernon Reeves
Answer is: CNA


Which one of the following computer-language is used by the world's fastest computer 'Blue Gene'?
(c)C++ language
Answer is: DNA


Which one of the following persons created the Java programming language in 1994?
(a)Bill Joy
(b)James Gosling
(c)Niklaus Wirth
(d)Anders Hejlsberg
Answer is: BNA

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