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In a food chain, the solar energy utilized by plants is only
Answer is: ANA


The largest ecosystem of the Earth is
Answer is: BNA


An artificial ecosystem is represented by
(a)pisciculture tank
(b)agriculture land
Answer is: CNA


The Sun is a
(a)producer of water
(b)secondary source of energy
(c)primary producer of energy
(d)tertiary producer of energy
Answer is: CNA


Man can maintain an ecological balance in the biosphere by
(c)suing insecticides and pesticides
(d)understanding the delicated balance in the relative number of organisms
Answer is: DNA


The term ecology was first used by
(a)G Taylor
(c)Ernst Haeckel
(d)Jean Brunhes
Answer is: CNA


A term biotype means
(a)all individuals having same phenotype
(b)all individuals having same genotype
(c)all individual with different phenotype
(d)all individuals with different genotype
Answer is: BNA


An ecosystem is a/an
(a)undisturbed natural gas
(b)system of organisms and their environment
(c)area rich in wildlife having no humans
(d)very large area of uniform environment conditions
Answer is: BNA


All components and individuals in an ecosystem are
Answer is: CNA


The food web is
(a)a very long straight linked food chain
(b)a moderate sized food chain having many tropic levels
(c)a series of food chains having frequent inter-links
(d)a circular food chain
Answer is: CNA
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