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No.Scientist's/Inventor's NameInventionsCountryPeriod
1Albert EinsteinRefrigeratorGermany(1879-1955)
2Vitaly AbalakovCamming devices, Abalakov thread (or V-thread) gearless ice climbing anchorRussia(1906-1986)
3Ernst Karl AbbeCondenser (microscope), apochromatic lens, refractometerGermany(1840-1905)
4Carl Roman AbtAbout rack railway systemSwitzerland(1850-1933)
5Hovannes Adamiantricolor principle of the color televisionArmenia/Russia(1879-1932)
6William AddisToothbrushEngland(1734-1808)
7Robert Adler (with Eugene Polley)wireless remote controlAustria/United States(1913-2007)
8Samuel W. AldersonCrash test dummyUSA(1914-2005)
9Anatoly Alexandrovanti-mine demagnetising of ships, naval nuclear reactorsRussia(1903-1994)
10Alexandre Alexeieff (with his wife Claire Parker)pinscreen animationRussia/France(1901-1982)
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