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Where is the capital of Madhya Pradesh?
Answer is: CBhopal is the capital of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and the administrative headquarters of Bhopal district and Bhopal division. The city was the capital of the former Bhopal State. Bhopal is known as the City of Lakes for its various natural as well as artificial lakes and is also one of the greenest cities in India. It is the 17th largest city in the country and 131st in the world. It is located 190 km east of the financial capital and the largest city of the state, Indore.
According to folklore, Bhopal is said to have been founded by the king Bhoja of the Paramara dynasty (AD 1000-1055), who ruled from his capital at Dhar. This theory states that Bhopal was originally known as Bhojpal after a dam constructed by the king's minister.


What is the formation day of Madhya Pradesh?
(a)1 December, 1955
(b)1 November, 1954
(c)1 November, 1956
(d)1 April, 1953
Answer is: CNA


How many districts are in Madhya Pradesh?
Answer is: BThe Indian state Madhya Pradesh has 51 districts grouped into ten divisions.


Madhya Pradesh share its border with how many states?
Answer is: CThe state is bordered on the west by Gujarat, on the northwest by Rajasthan, on the northeast by Uttar Pradesh, on the east by Chhattisgarh, and on the south by Maharashtra.


What is the total population of Madhya Pradesh?
(a)6.87 Crores
(b)7.27 Crores
(c)6.29 Crores
(d)7.49 Crores
Answer is: BThe population of Madhya Pradesh consists of a number of ethnic groups and tribes, castes and communities, including the indigenous tribals and relatively more recent migrants from other states. The scheduled castes and the scheduled tribes constitute a significant portion of the population of the State. The main tribal groups in Madhya Pradesh are Gond, Bhil, Baiga, Korku, Bhadia (or Bhariya), Halba, Kaul, Mariya, Malto and Sahariya. Dhar, Jhabua and Mandla districts have more than 50 percent tribal population. In Khargone, Chhindwara, Seoni, Sidhi, Singrauli and Shahdol districts 30?50 percent population is of tribes. According to the 2001 census, the population of the tribals in Madhya Pradesh was 12,233,000, constituting 20.27% of the total population. There were 46 recognised Scheduled Tribes and three of them have been identified as "Special Primitive Tribal Groups" in the State.


Madhya Pradesh is the ......... Largest state of India in terms of Population?
Answer is: DMP is 5th largest state in india in terms of population. It consists the 6% of population of the India.
UP Holds the first rank with population of 19.98 crores or 16.5% in terms of percentage.


What is the sex ratio in Madhya Pradesh?
Answer is: CNA


What is the literacy in Madhya Pradesh?
Answer is: BNA


What is the population density of Madhya Pradesh?
(a)236 km2
(b)230 km2
(c)238 km2
(d)240 km2
Answer is: ANA


What is the total area of Madhya Pradesh (in km)?
(a)308,098 km2
(b)307,445 km2
(c)308,252 km2
(d)306,256 km2
Answer is: CNA


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