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No.CountryIntelligence Agency
1USACentral Intelligence Agency (CIA) / National Security Agency (NIA)
2IndiaResearch and Analysis wing (Raw)
3PakistanInter Services Intelligence (ISI)
5UKSecret Intelligence Service(SIS)
6RussiaKGB/Foreign Intelligence Service/GRU
7ChinaMinistry of State Security(MSS)/Central External Liaison Department
8AustralianAustralian Secret Intelligence Service(ASIS)
9GermanyFederal Intelligence Service / BND
10CanadaCanadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)
11TurkeyNational Intelligence Organization
12NorwayNorwegian Intelligence Service
13Saudi ArabiaGeneral Intelligence Presidency
14JapanLaw enforcement in Japan/Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office
15IrelandGarda Sochna
16FrenchDirectorate-General for External Security (DGSE)
17BangladeshNational Security Intelligence
18BrazilBrazilian Intelligence Agency(ABIN)
19BelgiumBelgium Military Intelligence and Security Service
20CroatiaNational Security Office
21Czech RepublicCzech Republic Security Information Service (BIS)
22DanishIntelligence Service Politiets Efterretningstjeneste (PET)
23EstoniaSecurity Police Board
24GreeceNational Intelligence Service
25HungaryHungarian National Security Office
26ItalyItalian Intelligence Community
27NetherlandsGeneral Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD)
28PolandGovernment Intelligence Community/Foreign Intelligence Community
29PortugalSecurity Intelligence Service
30RomanianIntelligence Service (SRI)
31SpainNational Intelligence Center (CNI)
32SwedenMilitary Intelligence and Security Service (MUST)
33SwitzerlandStrategic Intelligence Service (SIS)
34UkraineNational Security Services
35South AfricaSouth African Secret Service
36PhilippinesNational Intelligence Coordinating Agency
37JordanGeneral Intelligence Department
38TurkeyNational Intelligence Organization (MIT)
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