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Section - 3
Direction: Read the following passage carefully and answers the questions given below it.

   Once, a rich merchant presented a beautiful cat to the Emperor of China. Eventually, the emperor became fond of the animal and took it with him wherever he went. Everywhere, people kept asking the emperor. What was the named and everyone was surprised. When told, that It had no name. As time progressed, the emperor realized that the cat should have a name thus he decided to find a suitable name for his pet. He called his ministers, the seven wisest men in his empire, and" commanded them to find a suitable name within seven days. The ministers were warned that if they do not succeed in finding a name by the end of 7 days, they will be punished. Also, the minister whose suggestion will be accepted will receive hundred gold pieces.
   The minister's did a lot of research on names that would suit the emperor's favourite pet. At the end of the period they were summoned to the palace again, and asked for their suggestions. The youngest of the group thought he had found the perfect name. "TIGER" He announced proudly, "your majesty, as we all know tigers is powerful animals, it will be the best name for your pet cat.”Good name," said the emperor, after a moment's reflection. “The tiger is not only a noble and powerful beast but it is also known as the cat's cousin," added the emperor.
   "Noble, perhaps," said the second minister, "but it is not as powerful as the dragon. Can a tiger soar into the sky? No, but a dragon can! I think DRAGON would be a more suitable name for the cat". As the emperor was contemplating the name DRAGON, the third minister said. "Clouds can go higher than dragons. A cloud is more powerful than a dragon. Let's call it CLOUD." "Let's not be hasty, “Advised the fourth wise man. “Clouds may fly high but they are pushed around by winds. Winds are more powerful than clouds. WIND would be the most appropriate name for a great emperor's pet. “The emperor was still not satisfied with the suggestions "WIND?” said the emperor doubtfully, "Isn't there anything better?'' The fifth wise man took this opportunity to give his suggestion. "BRICK WALL!” he exclaimed.”Why should I name my cat BRICK WALL?" asked the emperor with astonishment as it was the most unusual name he had heard till now. "A brick wall can stop the wind, however powerful, "explained the fifth minister.”A brick wall is more powerful than the wind!" Oh. I see, "said the emperor.”Well, BRICK WALL is not a bad name. But isn't it a bit long?'" l have a shorter name. “Said the sixth minister "RAT" everyone started laughing at the suggestion.”So you suggest that I must call my cat RAT?” The sixth minister replied, "Yes. You're Majesty, RAT! A rat can eat through a brick wall, which makes it more powerful than the wall more powerful than the wind, more powerful than all the suggestions given to you.” I get your point," interrupted the emperor. "But can you call a cat RAT?”
   "Indeed you can't!" piped up the seventh wise man who was the eldest among all seven. "A Cat is a cat. How can one call a cat RAT? Also If a rat is more powerful than the others the cat is even more so because it is mightier than the rat. The emperor was impressed with the seventh minister's suggestion and decided to accept it. So the royal pet remained nameless in a way because from then on it was .simply called CAT. But the minister who suggested this name was rewarded as promised.


Why did people get surprised wherever the emperor went?
(a)Because the emperor had a nameless cat
(b)Because the emperor took his cat wherever he went
(c)Because the emperor's cat was crazy
(d)Because the emperor got a cat as a present
Answer is: A


What made the emperor realize that he should give a name lo his pet cat?
(a)All cats had a name except his pet cat
(b)Everyone laughed at his cat for being nameless
(c)Everyone asked his eats' name wherever he took it
(d)The cat requested that it should be named
Answer is: C


Why did the emperor not want to name his cat BRICK WALL?
(a)He did not like brick walls
(b)Brick walls are rough and hard but cats are not
(c)BRICK WALL is a very long name
(d)He already had a pet called BRICK WALL
Answer is: C


What command did the emperor give to his seven wise ministers?
(A) To field a name for his pet cat.
(B) To find the name in a span of 7 days.
(C) To find his pet cat.
(a)Only (A)
(b)Both (A) and (B)
(c)Only (B)
(d)Only (C)
Answer is: B


Why was the cat .named CAT at last?
(A) The seventh minister proved that a cat is greater than all the other names that were suggested.
(B)The emperor was Impressed with the seven the minister's suggestion.
(C) It was a unique name and the emperor had never heard anything like that.
(a)All (A), (B) and (C)
(b)Only (A)
(c)Both (A) and (B)
(d)Only (C)
Answer is: C


What would be an appropriate name for the passage?
(a)The emperor
(b)The Cat
(c)A cat named CAT
(d)A story of names by an Emperor
Answer is: C


Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?
(A) Dragons can blow the clouds away.
(B) Winds can blow the clouds away.
(C) Brick walls can stop the winds.
(a)Both (A) and (B)
(b)Both (B) and (C)
(c)Only (A)
(d)Only (B)
Answer is: B


According to the second minister, why was the name DRAGON better than the name TIGER?
(a)Because the second minister liked dragons more than tigers
(b)Because dragons are more ferocious than tigers
(c)Because a dragon's tall is always longer than the tiger's
(d)Because dragons can soar high in the sky while tigers cannot
Answer is: D


What reason did the first minister give for his suggestion?
(a)Tigers are powerful creatures'
(b)Tigers are the most dangerous of all creatures
(c)Tigers resemble cats
(d)Tiger sounds royal and majestic
Answer is: A


Why did everyone start laughing at the sixth minister's suggestion?
(a)He suggested that the cat be named CAT
(b)Everyone found the suggested name funny
(c)Both (1) and (2)
(d)He suggested that the cat was better off without a name
Answer is: B


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