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Section - 2
Direction: Read the following passage carefully and answers the questions given below it.

    In the town of Agra there lived a rich businessman. But he was also quite a miser. Various people used to flock outside his house everyday hopping for some kind of generosity, but they always had to return home disappointed. He used toward them off with false promises and then never lived up to his word. Then one day, a poet named Raidas arrived at his house and said that he wanted to read out his poems to the rich man. As the rich man was very fond of poetry, he welcomed him In with open arms.
   Raidas started to recite all his poems one by one. The rich man was very pleased and especially so when he heard the poem that Raidas had written on him. In those days it was a custom for rich men and kings to show their appreciation through a reward or a gift, as that was the only means of earning that a poor poet possessed. So the rich man promised Raidas some gifts and asked him to come and collect them the next day. Raidas was pleased.
   The next morning when he arrived at the house, the rich man pretended that he had never laid eyes on him before. When Raidas reminded him of his promise, he said that although Raidas was a good poet he liked the poem which was written on him and the rest of the poems were very ordinary. He also said that he had earlier promised a reward to Raidas not because he was really pleased or impressed, but to simply encourage him. Raidas was extremely upset, but as there was nothing that he could do, he quietly left the house. On his way home he saw his brother Kuber riding a horse. So he a towed him and asked for his help after narrating the whole incident. Kuber took him to his own house in Order to come up with a plan. After giving it some thought he asked Raidas to go to a friend's house with five gold coins end request the friend to plan a dinner where the rich man would also be invited. He then narrated his plan to him.
   Raidas had one trustworthy friend whose name was Mayadas. So he went up to him and told him the plan. The next day, Mayadas went to the rich man's house and invited him for dinner. He said that he intended to serve his guests in vessels of gold, which the guests would get to take home after the meal. The rich man was thrilled to hear this and jumped at the offer. After the rich man arrived at Mayadas's house, he was surprised to see no other guests there but Raidas. Anyhow, they welcomed him in and started a polite conversation. The rich man had come on an empty stomach and so was getting hungrier by the minute.
   Finally at midnight the rich man could bear hit hunger no longer and asked Mayadas to serve the food. Mayadas sounded extremely surprised when he asked him what food he was talking about. The rich man tried to remind him that he had been invited for dinner. At this point Raidas asked him for proof of the invitation. The rich man had no answer. At that point Raidas reminded the rich man of the serene treatment that he had meted out to him. The rich man realized his mistake and begged for forgiveness. He said that Raidas was a good poet and had not asked him for any reward. He himself had promised to give him some gifts and then cheated him out of them. To make up for his mistake he took out the necklace that he was wearing and gifted H to Raidas. Then they all sat down to eat a happy meal.


Why was the rich businessman thrilled on being invited over to dinner by Mayadas?
(a)He was thrilled to have dinner for free
(b)No one had ever invited him aver for dinner since he was very miserly
(c)Mayadas had promised to serve in gold dishes which the guests were allowed to take home with them
(d)Mayadas had promise many delicacies in the dinner
Answer is: C


What did Raidas and Mayadas do when the rich businessman came over for dinner?
(a)They were thrilled to have a rich businessman as their guest and served him well
(b)They served him in gold utensils which he later took with himself
(c)They did not serve him my food until he learnt a lesson on what he had done with Raidas
(d)They forced him to give away his necklace lo Raidas in return of the dinner which they had served
Answer is: C


Which of the following best describes Kuber?
Answer is: B


Why was the rich businessman pleased with Raidas?
(a)Raidas had recited poems to him but had not asked for any gifts in return
(b)Raidas was also as miserly as him
(c)Raidas had invited him over for dinner
(d)The business liked his poetry, especially the one written on him
Answer is: D


Why did the people always return home disappointed from the rich businessman's house?
(a)He would donate less than what he had promised to them
(b)He made promises to them but never kept his words
(c)The rich man would only reward those who had written poetry on him
(d)None of these
Answer is: D


How did the rich businessman react when he realized his mistake of not keeping his promise which he had made to Raidas?
(a)He asked Raidas to come to his house the next day to take his reward
(b)He left Mayadas's house immediately without having dinner
(c)He justified that Raidas did not deserve an award since his poems were very ordinary
(d)None of these
Answer is: D


Why did people flock outside the rich businessman's house every day?
(a)The businessman was very kind-hearted and generous
(b)They sought an explanation from him on not keeping the promises made 10 them
(c)All of them wanted to recite poem to him as he was fond of poems
(d)They would hope for some generosity from the businessman since he was rich
Answer is: D


Which of the following is true in context of the passage?
(a)It was Raidas' brother Kuber's plan to teach the rich businessman a lesson
(b)The rich businessman had to return empty stomach from Mayadas's house
(c)Mayadas was a trustworthy friend of the rich businessman
(d)None is true
Answer is: A


Which of the following is the moral of the story?
(a)A house divided against it cannot stand
(b)A bird in hand Is worth two in the bush
(c)Never go back on your promises
(d)Proof of pudding is in the eating
Answer is: C


What did the rich businessman do when Raidas went to collect his reward from him the next day?
(1) The businessman refused to award him even though he had promised to earlier.
(2) He said that he had promised a reward only to encourage him not because he was pleased with him.
(3) He said that most of the poems written by Raidas were ordinary.
(a)Only (2)
(b)Only (1) and (3)
(c)Only (2) and (3)
(d)All of these
Answer is: D


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