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Consider the following historical personalities.
1. Abdur Razzak
2. Duarte Barbosa
3. Marco Polo
4. Nicolo di Conti
What is the correct chronological order in which they visited India?
Answer is: BNA


Larry page and Sergey Brin are well known as
(a)creators of Bluetooth device
(b)founders of Google
(c)stem cells researchers
(d)scientists of human genome
Answer is: BNA


How is Gabriel Garcia Marquez well known as?
(a)known for research in agricuture
(b)a renowned football coach
(c)a great writer who won the nobel prize for literature
(d)known for research in railway engineering
Answer is: CNA


Robert Webster is known for his work associated with which one of the following?
(b)Influenza virus
Answer is: BNA


In which one of the following films did the Nobel Laureate Pearl S Buck collaborate?
(a)Shatranj ke Khiladi
(c)Lawrence of Arabia
Answer is: BNA


Who is Wole Soyinka?
(a)A well known economist
(b)A well known football player
(c)A well known industrialist owning steel plants in many parts of the world
(d)A Nobel Prize winner for literature
Answer is: DNA

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